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  Co-Op Shareholders
Representation of the shareholders of Co-op Cooperative, a large Israeli co-coperative owning Blue Square Israel Ltd.
  McDonalds v. Mcdonald
Representation of McDonalds in a claim against the basketball player Ariel McDonald.
  SHILAT - Coop Dispute
Representation in a dispute among members of Moshav Shilat (a cooperative community).
  NOGA GENEVA v. Russia
Representation of and consulting to Noga Geneva, a company owned by Mr. Nessim Gaon of Geneva, in connection with a dispute with the government of Russia.
Representation of Noga Geneva, a company owned by Mr. Nessim Gaon of Geneva and owning the Noga Hilton Hotel Geneva, in legal proceedings against Swiss banks UBS, Credit Swiss and BNP. Adv.
  Statute of Limit. Precedent
Representation of Shoshanim Halls, a private Israeli company, in a large claim against Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
  Aprophim v. IBM
Representation of Aprophim SA of Geneva, in a multi million dispute with IBM.
  Swiss Construction Company
Representation and legal services with respect to legal proceedings in Switzerland and Israel against a group of Swiss construction companies
  Claim v Ministry of Housing
Representation of an Israeli publicly traded company, in a dispute with the Ministry Housing, due breach of the Ministry's obligations.

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