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  Class Act. v. Bank Hapoalim
Representation of plaintiff in Class Action. The Complaint was filed against the Bank Hapoalim Group.
  Beitili Real Estate Dispute
Representation of Beitili – a major Israeli furniture retail chain (owned by Eliezer Fishman). The dispute pertains to the Company’s main real estate. The dispute is between Beitili, the Israeli Land Authority (Minhal) and third parties.
  Injunction - Bank Guarantee
Representation of the Radum (an Israeli company involved in upgrading of combat jets) against major Israeli bank and the Slovenian Republic.
  McDonalds TM Intl Precedent
Supreme Court Appelate Decision in the matter of McDonalds Isarel vs. Ariel Mcdonald - representation of McDonalds Israel in onnection with the usage of the basketball player's name and his appearance in a Burger King TV commercial
  Estee Lauder
General Counseling to Estee Lauder (Israel), in all legal aspects and matters. Such representation includes commercial contracts and civil disputes, labor law, advertisement law, etc.
  Aprophim S.A v. Ministry
Representation of Aprophim S.A of Geneva, in a dispute with the Ministry of Housing, in a claim of 150 million US dollars in damages by Aprophim.
  Unitronics v. IMO
Representation of Unitronics (Israeli publicly traded company) against large British - French Group. The dispute includes proceedings taking place both in Israel and in France simultaneously.
  Azrieli Group v. Ariel
Representation of the Azreili Malls Group against Ariel - the chain of cosmetic surgery clinics.
  Extrol v. Kla - Tencor
Representation of the Israeli Hi-Tech company - Extrol against the multi national conglamorate Kla - Tencor. The dispute pertains to technology developed by the Israeli company in the precision control field.

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