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  Aprophim S.A v. Ministry
Representation of Aprophim S/A of Geneva, in a dispute with the Ministry Housing, in a claim of 150 million US dollars in damages by Aprophim, due to breach of the Ministry's obligations with respect to housing construction projects encompassing a total amount of 250 million US Dollars. In a recent precedent ruling, the District Court of Jerusalem issued an order, whereby the State Comptroller Office must provide Aprophim with access to all documents exchanged with the Ministry of Construction and Housing in connection with the foregoing claim by Aprophim, including internal documents of investigations conducted by the State Comptroller. This is the first time such an order was issued by a court in Israel, because, generally, a government ministry investigated by the State Comptroller is solely entitled to receive documents previously held in its possession. The foregoing order was rendered following concern that the Ministry of Construction and Housing was withholding documents, although, pursuant to law, documents held by the State Comptroller may not be presented in court.
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