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  Int'l Commercial and Civil litigation
We offer the gamut of international and domestic commercial / civil litigation and arbitration matters ranging from injunction cases to multimillion dollar disputes. Our experience and our policy is that every new incoming issue is attended to by a partner. This allows us to provide immediate and comprehensive services for new matters quickly and efficiently. Moreover, our commercial litigators (who are all bilingual) have broad experience in alternative dispute resolution, thus our clients are offered the most appropriate and cost effective solution. We have represented numerous clients in international / complex disputes, including among others: McDonalds, Brother, the Azrieli Group, the Dankner Group, the Swiss Gaon Family and the Noga and Aprofim Groups. • International arbitration; • complex international litigation accompanied by local legal counsels; • strategic management of cross boarder disputes, which may be handled in several continents in parallel; • litigators and commercial lawyers work together to provide a tailored solution • Class actions; • Securities issues;
  Corporate and Securities
The Corporate and Securities lawyers of the Firm provide advice in connection with all types of corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnering arrangements, restructurings and reorganizations, public and private securities offerings, venture capital and other financing transactions. The firm provides corporate secretarial services and also advises boards of directors, individual directors, corporate officers and directors in all related matters. The firm represents investors and venture capitalists in their investments in Israel and has handeld cross boarder complex cross boarder deals for major clients.
  International Legal Coordination & Strat
We specialize in the provision of tailored legal services and global coordination for clients involved in cross border disputes, that involve multi- territorial jurisdictions. In today’s business world it is not uncommon that a single transaction will involve assets, economic interests, transfer of funds, real estate, etc., in several countries or continents in parallel. Sometimes these complex transactions develop into a complicated litigation situation encompassing several legal systems, requiring simultaneous actions and remedies in the different systems. In this type of complex situation, a strategy based upon comprehensive analysis is crucial, together with coordination of legal providers, which is essential to avoid overlapping and conflicting legal actions that result in superfluous expenses which accumulate quickly. Our firm manages disputes after evaluating risks and exposure, and assessing the opportunities. We coordinate the multi territorial legal effort and drastically reduce costs and avoid conflict situations. The reduction in costs is achieved through our experience in many legal systems, the use of a non-obligatory network of law firms and by adhering to oral opinions (in contrast to written legal dissertations) from local legal counsels. This saves time and decreases costs and allows swift action towards a complete resolution. We specialize in providing the client with a cost effective package including both litigation and commercial expertise. By offering “single point of contact” management we relieve our clients of the need to coordinate a multi-directional effort, and can offer a conclusive commercial solution. This is achieved by objectively examining the different legal systems and solutions they offer, and making commercial and legal decisions based on experience in the different legal systems, without conflict of interest.
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