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Michael Shachor, Menes & Co. . is a high reputation unique boutique firm providing its clientele with commercial litigation services as well as additional commercial and corporate law services.

The firm provides legal services in the areas of complex Commercial and International Litigation and Arbitration, General Corporate and International Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Investments, International Transactions, Banking and Wills.

The firm extends its professional skills and expertise, experience and creativity to the corporate, commercial, international and domestic client in a variety of industries. Clients range from individuals to major Israeli and multi-national corporations.

Among the firm's clients are McDonalds, Brother, Estee Lauder, The British leading transponder producer - Pace Micro Technology, the Aprofim and Noga Groups owned by the Swiss Gaon family, the Israeli Allied ,Group (Champion Volkswagen (Israel) and Ashtrum real estate Group), EMKOL. The British Marathon Group, International Fidelity Insurance Company, the Azrieli Group of Canadian entrepreneur David Azrieli, EVP - European Venture Capital, Mr. Balram Chainrai of Hong Kong and many others.

The firm is recommended by foreign embassies and consulates including the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Lawyer of Confidence - By appointment of the Embassy of Switzerland
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VTOWER, 23 Bar Kochva, Bnei Brak 5126002, Israel
Tel: (972-3) 608 1797
Fax: (972-3) 608 1790
E-mail: info@shachorlaw.com
As a high quality "boutique" firm we are able to provide each client the full and personal attention of the partners. Clients don't get lost in the "shuffle". Each partner concentrates in different fields of law, allowing for individual and specialized skills to be focused in specific areas of the law, and affording every client the most cost effective and innovative solutions to the legal matters presented. Each of the Firm's lawyers is bi-lingual (mother tongue in English, French, Russian etc.).

Through active involvement and participation in commercial affairs, both in Israel and abroad, the firm has attracted many overseas clients and has consolidated important connections in a variety of markets. The firm is conversant with current market conditions and business practices internationally. We maintain close connections with major international agencies and overseas law firms, particularly in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, the former Soviet Union, Greece, Singapore, Thailand and Italy. We provide comprehensive, professional legal services to foreign attorneys, companies and individuals seeking opinion or legal representation for their commercial ventures in the Israeli market. Michael Shachor, Menes & Co. is known for its specialized knowledge and individual skills and enjoys a reputation for providing the highest level of legal services, together with personalized attention, to meet the individual needs of each client.

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