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  Canit - Industrial Park
Representation of the Canit Group owned by the Canadian entrepreneur David Azrieli in major shares buy out transaction regarding real estate.
  Chile Gold Mine
Representation of international investor versus Israeli songwriter – Sheike Peikov with regard to a gold mine in Chile.
  Acquisition of Med. Clinic
Representation and negotiation for the acquisition of controlling shares in major Israeli medical clinic, which specializes in women’s healthcare.
  Claim agains Bank
Representation of private clients against two major Israeli banks. The Dispute pertains to Guarantees delivered by the clients.
  50 Purchasers v Anglo Saxon
Representation of over 50 real estate purchasers in a substantial claim against real estate agents, Mortgage Banks and others, pertaining to the acquisition of real estate in the United States.
  Klil Industries v. Sieber
Representation of Klil Industries Ltd., the largest aluminum company in the Middle East
  The Dankner Group
Representation of Dankner Investments Ltd. (part of the Delek Group, owned by Itzhak Tshuva) in disputes of tens of millions NIS with sub-contractors
  The Canit Azrieli Group
Representation of the Canit Group owned by the Canadian entrepreneur David Azrieli
  Aprophim Geneve v Montavane
Representation of Aprophim S/A, a Swiss company, in arbitration proceedings against the Czech's Governmental Montavane Group, Yoshpe and others. The dispute pertained to the construction of hundreds of residential units.

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